Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This morning is again different from the other six days in the week. Yes, you have figured it out correctly, the morning is not sedentary because it’s water day. Everyone is thinking of the ways in which they can store as much water as they can. There is a feeling of happiness and joy and gives a feeling of any festival. There are lines of buckets and drums at every nook and cranny in front of the spigots.

But, this feeling will not last long. The irony is that this is the last water supply for the city. The Amlavada Bika Barrage, 24 km from the city, the dam from which the water is currently being supplied to city is starving. The water collected through channel cutting is really muddy and dirty and will be supplied to city in two parts, June, 24 - newer part of the city and June, 27 –older part of the city and if still there is some water left in the dam, it will be distributed on July,1 . This is really stunning news for the outsiders but the people here are not stupefied as this was certain. The water has made every Ujjaini to fight for sustenance.

It has always been taught to people that save water otherwise your next generation will not see the running water ever. Everyone is hoping that let the monsoon come and everything shall be fine, however, the people should understand that the bore wells which served them almost throughout the crisis will not be at their disposal in the next crisis even if it rains more than average.

Well, this is the beginning and the nature has started teaching in its own ways and believe me you will never ever like nature as a teacher.


  1. hey!!! knw wat...ur blog has inspired me so much that every time i open my tap, i slower its pace and use water as cautiously as possible, i jst pray that it rains thr as soon as possible...gd lck,,,

  2. hi bhaiya!!aapka blog bahut aacha hai ....

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  4. hi to d readers !!!

    sud bro ur point is worth pondering !!

    we d people r manly or valiant in our commitments
    but r timid in our actions.....i m happy dere r people lk u, who in a refined way trowing light on dis issue .....

    i requst u guys 2 b rational and judicious in actions !!

    highly obliged--

    June 26, 2009 1:

  5. I did not know the situation was this serious in Central India. This post really gives me the conviction to save water even more zealously. I hope everyone follows your lead in the conservation of water...

  6. hiiii >>>
    koi naya blog ???